Anjem Choudary, Jack-Ass Of Great Britain

Fellow infidels,

Aside from being very dangerous, this spawn of Satan is a buffoon.  Even the Islamic imam and the muslima in this clip are clearly embarrassed by him. After all, he is not playing the taqqyia game well enough…he is telling infidels how he REALLY feels.  He refuses to condemn the beheading of Lee Rigby, which should tell you a lot.

What an ass!  I wonder if these muslims are playing good muslim, bad muslim…a variation of good cop, bad cop.  If the imam and the woman are sincere, it would be nice if there were more like them.  However, they probably all had a good laugh after the cameras quit rolling and couldn’t believe that the ditzy journalist (who kept desperately trying to push the idea that radical muslims are only a small minority) swallowed their taqqyia.  Yes, it was a knee-slapping good old time!

It’s funny how guys like this like to radicalize others, but they would never strap a bomb on themselves. (That’s really too bad)

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