Tennessee Citizens Balk At Back Door Islamic Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels,

Public Disclosure In A Diverse Society” was the progressive, Marxist-sounding name of a meeting that was scheduled in an attempt to implement an Islamic blasphemy law in Tennessee.  You see, Tennessee, which is in the heart of the Bible Belt, would be a huge prize for Muslim organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations. Especially if they managed to sucker people into implementing such an affront to our liberty and freedom.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, I am posting a video below:

Apparently, the United States now has a state religion, Islam, that enjoys protection from the US government.  What happened to the screeching and whining and moaning about ‘separation of church and state’ by liberals?  Why is it ok for the government to swoop down on American citizens to tell them to stop being ‘mean’ to Muslims and to stop hurting their feelings?  Telling the truth about their woman-hating, pedophile, perverted prophet is apparently reason enough to charge someone with a federal crime.

I hope they try to charge Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer with these crimes because it will backfire on them.  They can’t prosecute someone for telling the truth and these two bloggers meticulously back everything up.  Nope, I think that when they think about it that is not what they want to do because the truth about Islam would REALLY hit the fan, and the mainstream media could not stop it.  They just wanted to intimidate, but it did not work as evidenced by the huge crowd in attendance who supported liberty, freedom, and the First Amendment.

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