Patriots To Protest DOJ Sharia Meeting In Tennessee

Fellow infidels,

Calling all patriots!  If you care about free speech, please try – if there is any way possible – to attend this MAJOR protest for free speech on Tuesday.  It will be  June 4th at 5:30pm Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd, in Manchester, Tennessee.

To get you up to speed on this story, you should know that Judicial Watch noted that the DOJ recently indicated that social media posts that trash Muslims may violate their civil rights.  You can read more about it in my previous post  titled, “Criticize Islam:  Go Directly To Jail.”

If you can attend this rally, please do so; if not, please forward this blog to everyone in your address book…especially the ones in Tennessee.  We need to support our neighbors in Tennessee and not let something like this go without a response.  If you don’t support your free speech rights that are guaranteed by the First Amendment, no one else will!

Please be respectful, but let your voices be heard.

Until next time,



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2 Responses to Patriots To Protest DOJ Sharia Meeting In Tennessee

  1. I’m sorry boys and girls, but this whole thing is total BULLSHIT! I tell you now, no “DOJ” or any other dept. in this country can do one damned thing to you, or anyone, about posting truthful articles on twitter, facebook, or ANY media. Nor, are they stupid enough to try. Don’t believe this for one minute! If you post, telling the truth, using (for example), their own texts against them, they have NO LEGAL RECOURSE, and if they try, they will be devastated in a court of law. They know this, all too well. The only thing they CAN do, is protest loudly, and seek to engage the media punk bastards, in a condemnation of your post. Legally, they have absolutely no case, whatsoever. NONE! As a law student, I know this for a fact. However, posting a picture of a person holding a weapon, any weapon, suggesting it’s use against ANYONE, is, in fact, illegal, and THERE, they have YOU! I post statements against islam on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, using only their own texts, and their own actions, and dare them to interfere. They bitch some, but oh, well.
    Post as you will, BUT!, speak only the truth, do not use colorful metaphors (swearing, or foul language) and by all means, be persistant with it. They, and the ghetto con man, cannot fight the truth. Law professors (intelligent ones) will all tell you, “it’s not what you know, or think you know, it’s what you can prove in a court of law”. If you are telling only truth, they cannot prove you wrong, nor can they prove either libel, nor rights infringement. They only have a case if you use threatening language. Be smart! We will win!

    • burkasrugly says:

      Muslims are the ones who make themselves look bad by beheading, stoning,etc. their own people. They give us enough material that no one has to embellish at all. As a matter of fact, the problem is getting Americans and others who are still “asleep” out there to listen because what some of the Muslims do is so horrendous that people just put it out of their mind or just go by the adage “out of sight, out of mind.” However, if we don’t expose Islam’s dark deeds, it won’t just be happening in foreign lands…it will be happening here. Oops, it IS happening here….9-11, the Boston Marathon, etc.

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