Islam Is The Religion Of Butchers (Of Children)

Fellow Infidels,

Jan Sobieski is hopping mad at this disgusting story that appeared on the Pat Dollard website – Burkasrugly

Don’t call it ‘The Religion of Peace.”  That ridiculous name was pulled out of the air by George Bush.  It is probably the silliest statement ever made by a president.

You will be sickened by the story about an 8-year-old Afghanistani girl who was ‘married’ to a mullah in his late 50s.  This guy paid a huge amount of money to the girl’s family so that he could satisfy his pedophile fantasies.  He was already married and had many children.  This sick Muslim ba***d had the audacity to do this only because his prophet was also a sick ba***d who ‘married’ Aisha when she was six and consumated the marriage when she was 9.  Here is an excerpt of what this animal did to this baby:

The mullah takes off the bride’s clothes as well as his owns and with apparent so much happiness approaches her for sexual intercourse with the 8-years-old bride. Because of the Mullah’s huge physique which gave him a big penis, he threw himself on her and started to penetrate the girl’s vagina.

After several tries that led him to failure to penetrate her vagina, the Mullah was frustrated.

He failed because the 8-years-old girl who was about to die was physically thin and had a very tight vagina opening.

Sourced from the Mullah’s animal behavior, he took out the sharp knife that he always carried with himself in his pocket and tore apart the girl’s vagina from the clitoris side upwards as well as tore it downwards towards her anus in order to make the vagina larger enough so he can enter his penis into her vagina.

This man should be punished for this crime against one of God’s children.  She was NOT Mohammed’s nor Allah’s child, but she belongs to JESUS.

Read some more if you can stomach it:

The girl had her scarf stuffed in her mouth, crying and trying to not raise her voice because others were there in the room adjacent to or outside.

It is a rule in some of the areas in Afghanistan that the groom brings out a piece of cloth that he cleaned his wife’s hymen blood with it as a proof that the girl was virgin.

Mullah entered his penis into the girl’s severely bleeding vagina and had sexual intercourse with her on a blood-covered bed, and then got up and cleaned himself with a cloth.

What disrespect for human life!  And our idiot president says “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet.”  Well, slander is lying and when someone says Mohammed was a murdering, woman-hating pedophile, that is not slander. It is the truth. This mullah’s hero was Mohammed, and if your role model is a man who loved to have sex with little girls, then you are going to think it is ok.

Jan Sobieski


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2 Responses to Islam Is The Religion Of Butchers (Of Children)

  1. AmericanMe says:

    Islam= the religion of satan. Who can deny that after reading this? Depraved, perverted,sadaistic yep thats islam. Worse her family was in the next room having tea as this happened to the child they sold like a piece of furniture. Please Jesus save us all from the depravity of theevil one!

    • burkasrugly says:

      AmericanMe you are absolutely correct, and I hope and pray that everyone who reads this blog comes away with the same conclusion that you have. They try to say that Islam had nothing to do with this, that it is ‘culture.’ Well, if that is true, why was an Islamic mullah, a supposed ‘man of God’ involved? You are absolutely correct! Jesus is the one who will save us from this evil cancer, Islam.

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