Democrat Blames Politial Correctness For Fort Hood Flap

Fellow infidels,

ABC News reports that a long-serving Pennsylvania Democrat has joined Republican colleagues to ask Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to overturn the “indefensible” decision by the military to designate the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.), along with Rep. Thomas Rooney (R-Fla.) and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Virg.) said in a letter dated May 6 and obtained by ABC News that “This designation has since resulted in an embarrassing lack of care and treatment by our military for the victims and their families.”

In the letter, the trio of lawmakers blame “considerations of ‘political correctness'” not only for the “workplace violence” designation, but for allowing the attack to unfold in the first place.

In a statement to ABC News, Congressman Wolf said, “I believe more members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, are coming to realize how poorly the Obama Administration has treated families of the victims and the survivors of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack over the last four years.”

Click here to see the entire letter.

It’s about time a Democrat ‘sees the light’ about Fort Hood. ‘Workplace violence’ my foot! It was an evil jihad attack by an evil Muslim. Period. This man gave off MANY signals, but due to political correctness this problem that could have been totally prevented became a death sentence for many unfortunate American soldiers who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If ABC News had been on top of things like they should have been at the time and did their job, then maybe things would be different. Shame on all of you media hacks who seek to destroy our country!  Do you not realize that you will be thrown under the bus when your Muslim masters get control of our country?  Do you not realize that you are only Useful Idiots to them?

It’s about time liberals, whether they be RINO Republicans or Democrats, wake up and smell the jihad coffee.  Our very lives and culture depend upon it!

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2 Responses to Democrat Blames Politial Correctness For Fort Hood Flap

  1. Joanna says:

    Hey, it’s me Joanna again. Glad to hear of another Democrat waking up and smelling the jihad. I woke up after the Boston Marathon attack — not because of the attack itself (I was still thinking in terms of “a few bad apples”) but a few days later, when I began googling for information on progressive, tolerant Muslim groups that I could support, and instead found the mountains of evidence of the seriousness of the problem we face. I’ve done my best to wake up more than half a dozen liberals so far, and I’ve *mostly* been getting a good response — you have to approach the topic just the right way, but it can be done, at least some of the time. The majority of liberals don’t actually want the US to be conquered by Islam, they simply don’t understand the situation.

    • burkasrugly says:

      Hey Joanna,
      I’m glad you posted on here…I was going to answer you on I think you are approaching it the correct way. You are liberal and you understand what approach you must take to get them to understand the problem in a way that they don’t feel like they are being prejudiced against Muslims. I think you understand that it is way beyond prejudice…it is the very survival of our way of life…and that includes a lot of liberal ideals.

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