Pig Meat On The Tables Of The American South

Anyone who knows anything about the American South understands the strong affinity we Southerners have for pork in its many forms. Here is a partial list of pork recipes with Southern geographic references:

Smithfield Virginia Ham Spread                      Louisiana Red Beans, Rice and Pork

Birmingham Pork Balls                                       Savannah Red Rice

Charleston Hobotee                                            Tennessee Sausage Spoon Bread

Kentucky Shellouts with Ham Hocks             Alabama Biscuit Muffins with Sausage

Georgia Okra, Tomato and Bacon Mull         Low country Chicken and Ham Perloo

Old Dominion Country Ham                            Orlando Stuffed Pork Belly

Alabama Hog Pot                                                Louisiana Pickled Pork

Cajun Pigs Tail with Ham                                 Georgia Style Barbecued Pork Chops

Louisiana Braised Country Style Ribs           Arkansas Black Barbecued Back Ribs

Memphis Style Barbecued Ribs                    South Carolina Mustard Barbecue

North Carolina Pulled Barbecue                  Lexington, North Carolina Chopped Barbecue

Mississippi Bacon  Spaghetti                        Tennessee Fried Streak of Lean

Kentucky Scramble                                        Creamed Virginia Ham and Wild Mushrooms

New Orleans Ham and Artichoke               Alexandria Maryland Stuffed Ham

Virginia Pork Tenderloin                             Florida Mango and Prune Stuffed Ham

Tarpon Springs Greek Burgers                   Virginia Ham and Olive Loaf

Natchitoches Pork Pies                                 Texarkana Pork and Bean Pie

Georgia Breakfast Pie                                  Creole Pork Steaks

Mississippi Smothered Pork Cutlets

Peanut Butter Sandwich with Naners and Bacon       (Elvis’ favorite)

The list of scrumptious pork delicacies could go on and on ad infinitum. But we Southerners love our pig meat served up in numerous mouth-watering ways.

But being the polite people we are we must be sensitive to our Muslims neighbors. Simply putting terrorists on the welfare rolls is not enough. After all we have a Politically Correct duty to finance our own self-destruction. But to add injury to insult we force our Islamic neighbors to inhale air laden with pork smoke.

Now what is pork smoke ? It is thousands of microscopic particles of pork suspended in a gaseous state. As our Muslim “friends” drive down our streets we intolerant Southerners are forcing them to inhale pork ! Pork smoke enters their nostrils and mouths, goes down their throats and finally settles in the lungs. Can you get cancer by inhaling barbecue smoke ? Untold generations of people living in the South have never contracted cancer through smoke. However, the ingestion of pork fat is known to clog the arteries of infidels.

I maintain that the mere act of even breathing pork smoke accidentally can send you straight to Islamic Hell where wild Razorbacks will endlessly rip out your guts . Allah is all merciful. Mohammed is understanding. Is there a Hadith ruling on this subject ? Surely some 9th Century Imam has expressed an opinion on this subject.

Be on the safe side all you Allah fearing Muslims. Leave the land of the pig. Move out of the South. We Southerners will give up our guns before we give up barbecue (the pork variety, that is). And we don’t easily give up our guns.

Enjoy !

Laetus Porcus

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