Easy Way For ACT! For America Members To Help Organization

There is a way you can help Act! for America. Over 1200 merchants in the United States will donate a percentage of your purchase with them direct to Act! for America. This costs you nothing. If you are registered with the merchant they will give a percentage of your sales direct to our organization. Listed below are just some of the merchants in our area that belong to this program.
   Merchant                         Percentage Donation Amazon.com                                     0.8%
Banana Republic                             1.6%
Bass Pro Shop                                  2.0%
Bed Bath and Beyond                     2.0%
Best Western Inn                             2.0%
Book Close Outs                               4.0%
Burpee Seeds                                     3.2%
Cabela’s                                              1.2%
Crate & Barrell                                 2.0%
Dillard’s                                              1.6%
Dollar General                                  2.0%
Expedia.Com                                     0.8%
FedEx Office                                       2.8%
Gander Mountain                             2.0%
GoHastings (Hastings)                   4.0%
Hancock Fabrics                               1.6%
Harbor Freight                                 2.4%
Hotels.com                                         2.4%
J.C.Penney                                         1.2%
Kay Jewelers                                    1.6%
K-Mart                                              1.6%
Kohl’s                                                 1.6%
Lowe’s                                               1.2%
Office Max                                       1.6%
Office Depot                                    1.6%
Macy’s                                              1.2%
Old Navy                                         1.6%
Petco                                                4.0%
Radio Shack                                   2.0%
Remington Products                    4.8%
Sears                                                1.6%
The Sportsmans Guide                2.8%
Tractor Supply                              2.0%
Walgreens                                      2.8%
Magazines.com                            14.0%
Purchases must be made with a debit card or credit card. This is the only way the merchant will know to send the donation to Act! for America. Cash purchases do not qualify for this program.
To enroll please go to: www.Igive.com.
You must put the exclamation mark (!) in the registration. Act! for America Thus, type in: Act! for America.
We have 250,000+ members. What if each one of us qualified for just a $4.00 a month for a donation. That would bring in a $1,000,000 per month painlessly from our members. Remember the other side, radical Islam, commits all kinds of criminal acts to raise money for Jihad. Here is a perfectly legal way to raise money for the counter-jihad.
Please, please, please help us. This program has been successfully tested by our Chapter Leaders for over 3 months. It works flawlessly.
Questions, please give me a call.
901-827-4478 Cell Phone
Robert Norvell

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