San Franciso Officials Side With Muslims Against Gays

Fellow infidels,
I can’t keep from slapping my knee and laughing at the conundrum that anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller’s ads have created for city officials in San Francisco. To see the ads and read more click here. Between belly laughs and chuckles, I admire the sheer genius of this patriotic American Jew who runs the great website Atlas Shrugs.

The self-righteous leaders of the homosexual-friendly city of San Francisco are slamming Geller for her bringing to light the hate speech against gays perpetrated by a  Muslim imam and other Muslims.  Instead of condemning the imam and the hate speech, the officials are painting Ms. Geller as some sort of troublemaker.  Ms. Geller has provided the city a service, by warning them of Islamic hate speech against their most cherished citizens – homosexuals. So, I have one question:  Why are SF city officials siding with the Muslims against the gays?  That is essentially what they are doing because they are not condemning the Muslims who are ACTUALLY saying these hateful things.  Instead of thanking Geller for bringing this hate speech to their attention, they have treated her like she’s a monster and as if she is mistreating Muslims even though she is merely using their own words.  Talk about blaming the messenger….

Watch the city officials making a brave effort to condemn the big, bad mean Pamela Geller’s ads:

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2 Responses to San Franciso Officials Side With Muslims Against Gays

  1. armando says:

    San Francisco where I live is an interesting place. Put on a nun’s outfit and make fun of Catholics, and it’s free speech. Make fun of Islam, it’s hate speech. Catholic Lech Walesa of Poland says something anti-gay and Folk singer Michelle Schocked who attends a black Pentecostal church says something anti-gay and they are vilified. Islamic leaders say something anti-gay and San Francisco’s civic leaders go overboard to make excuses for them. A Catholic cardinal speaks against Catholic marriage and he is labeled homophobic . An Iman calls for gay men to be beheaded, hung or stoned and our civic leaders ignore it. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

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