Government As God

Fellow infidels,

In the days immediately after the Constitutional Convention a number of states refused to sign on unless there was a specific enumeration of rights guaranteed to the citizenry. Thus, did James Madison take pen in hand and draft the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution known collectively as the Bill of Rights. Madison followed in the long tradition of John Calvin two centuries earlier. Calvin, an early Presbyterian set forth a new (but really old) theory of human government. Everyone was responsible to God, even kings and emperors. The real purpose of all government was to protect the God-given rights of human beings. Our rights as human beings flow to us directly from the Divine. Those God-given rights must be protected by all legitimate governments.

In modern-day parlance the United States government does not give us our natural rights. All human rights are attributable to God alone. It is the sworn duty of government to protect those rights. God will not look favorably upon nations that deny human rights to their citizens.

The long sad history of our world is that of the strong tyrannically oppressing the weak. And that is forever the temptation of all governments. Nations usurp the perogative of God and in doing so set themselves up to be idols. Our government is dangerously close to making this same error. Hitler saw his rule as absolute and god like. Destruction was brought down upon the heads of the German people because they essentially worshipped Hitler. All idolatry ends in the deaths of the idolators.

Obama really believes he is the Messiah and Savior of our nation. I really liked the comment of Marco Rubio when he was referred to as the savior of the Republican Party. Rubio said humbly, “There is only one Savior and I am not Him.” Let me be clear I do
not receive my rights from President Obama. Nor Nancy Pelosi, nor Harry Reid, nor the Democrats, nor the Republicans for that matter, my rights come to me directly from God. I love and fear God so much, that I call on the President to repent of his evil
and cease his efforts to destroy this blessed land.”

We are on the verge of eviscerating our great Constitution, losing our freedom and being conquered by the very forces of hell. We must recover our courage to rebuke the President for vastly exceeding his Constitutional authority. Also, we must with every ounce of strength fight the demons loosed upon our earth by the mad malevolent Mohammed. Perhaps, these two tasks are really one and the same.

In hoc signo vinces,



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