Boston Globe Promotes Sharia By Pressuring Diocese

Fellow infidels,

Under Islamic Sharia law, no one is supposed to criticize Islam or Mohammed.  Instead of behaving as real journalists, the folks at the Boston Globe have become infected with political correctness.  They have become mere robots with no intellectual curiosity. When it comes to Islam, whatever shred of journalistic integrity they have left gets thrown out the window.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was just disinvited from speaking at a Catholic men’s conference, allegedly courtesy of pressure from the Boston Globe from one of their intrepid reporters, according to Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs. The shameful America-hating media might as well take their place in the Islamic caliphate that is going to come to power if the jihadists and Leftists get their way. We hope the media realize they are merely tools of the jihadists and will be disposed of as soon as the Sharia is implemented and they are no longer needed.   Please click here to sign the petition to the diocese urging them the let Robert Spencer speak. Watch Geller talk about the situation below – Burkasrugly

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