London Residents Harrassed By Muslim Patrol

Fellow infidels,

We cannot and WILL NOT allow such a thing to happen in the United States.  These devils are chanting nonsense like “Christianity Go To Hell” and other insulting things.  Who made these creatures judge, jury, and executioner? If Americans do not wake up, and wake up soon this is our future.  Most of Europe, especially London, England,  is on the verge of losing its Western identity to the Muslim hordes.  We truly feel sorry for the people of London. Is this the land of Winston Churchill?  Have you allowed yourselves to be turned into wimps because of the nanny-state you have created for yourselves? What is wrong with you Brits!!!! For those liberal/socialist types who helped usher this in, we say ‘you get what you deserve.’  Are the rest of you going to allow these Islamic mobs to push the Satanic ‘religion’ of Islam on you? Buck up and remember your brave ancestors!!!!

Until next time,



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