Geller’s Anti-Jihad Ads Allowed In Chicago

Fellow infidels,

Pamela Geller is a tireless exposer of the hateful ideology of Islam and its tool of death and destruction, jihad.  She and her lawyer, David Yerushalmi, have fought hard to get her anti-jihad ads on public transit in Chicago.  Truth is the new hate speech, so this was a difficult task. It took months, but the Chicago Transit Authority finally saw they could not win this fight and allowed free speech to reign.  If it were not for people like Ms. Geller, where would America be in this struggle?  This woman is helping preserve ALL Americans’ freedom and liberty from the Islamic monsters.

Ms. Geller’s organization, the American Defense Freedom Initiative, is winning battles like these.  Click here  if you want to read more about her or AFDI.

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