Curing Liberalism: The 21st Century’s Black Plague

Fellow infidels,

“Dr.” Wild Bill for America is on a quest to cure liberalism, which is a mental disorder.  And one of the symptoms of this horrendous disease is that the sufferer has a propensity to appease evil instead of face it down and defeat it.  As Bill says, standing against evil requires personal courage, and those who lack courage tend to appease rather than confront.  He notes that the liberal affinity for Islam is another example of appeasement. The vast majority of terrorism can be traced directly to the “Religion of Peace” (Islam).  Liberals think they will be safe from the Muslim hordes, but when these savages get through with these liberals – aka known as Useful Idiots – they will be devoured too. Without further adieu, here is Wild Bill with a great video commentary – Burkasrugly

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