Islamic Misogyny And Christian Chivalry

Fellow infidels,

Can you believe that Mohammed preached that women were ‘domesticated animals?’  Yep, I can believe it too.  Constantine contrasts the way Mohammed treated women (horribly) with how Jesus treated women (lovingly) – Burkasrugly

There are only two world religions that have a founder who the adherents of the respective religions believe are worthy of emulation. One is Islam. Muslims believe Mohammed is the perfect man. Thus everything Mohammed did is perfection. All Muslims believe a strict imitation of the prophet’s life is the acceptable way to live one’s life.Tabari, the paramount Islamic historian, recorded the last sermon of Mohammed’s life. In that sermon Mohammed called women “domesticated animals”. He even advised beating them for the slightest reasons of displeasing their husbands and fathers. Mohammed, we know from the Koran, the Hadiths, and the Sira, was a wife beater, a pedophile, a rapist, a killer of women and an enslaver of women for his own perverted sexual appetites. All of these activities are blessed by Islam.

Jesus is the other figure whom Christians acknowledge as the perfect man. Jesus saved a woman from an angry mob of men who wished to stone her. In the Gospels he healed numerous women of their physical infirmities. He rescued any number of prostitutes and restored them to society. He had several women friends, Mary, Martha and Mary Magdalene. Even in his dying agony upon the cross he thought of his mother and asked his disciple John to take care of her. Yes, the imitation of Jesus of Nazareth is at the very center of the center of the Christian experience.

The roots of treating women with respect, dignity and honor can be traced back to the historical personage of Jesus. In the early Medieval period Christian knights in Europe adopted the code of Chivalry. Important elements of that code were the protection of the Church, the defense of Holy truth, respect for women, and the defense of children, the elderly and women. All values that are antithetical to those espoused by Islam.

Over the years the code of the Christian gentleman has evolved into a set of rules called good manners (Good manners are simply a codification of the Golden Rule.) It was my privilege and honor to learn this code under the tutelage of my father, who was the quintessential Southern gentleman. The life of General Robert E. Lee was a guiding force in his life. Below are some of his rules about how to treat women.

Never allow any woman to be the victim of physical abuse. Defend them if necessary. There are a couple legendary stories in my family about how my father handled wife beaters. Let us just say my father taught them valuable, but painful, lessons how about one should behave toward defenseless ladies. Poltroons never garned any sympathy from my father.

Never call any woman by her first name until she gives you permission to do so. I still call women 30 years my junior either Mrs., Miss, or Ms. Gentlemen should always hold the doors for women who are entering a store or home.

Gentlemen should always rise when a lady enters a room. Gentlemen should always pull out a chair from the dining table when a lady seats herself. No gentleman eats at a table with a hat on his head when a lady is present. Gentlemen should always pay for their female guests’ meals at any restaurant. Gentlemen should give their wives and sweethearts flowers in profusion and often.

On the street a gentleman always removes his hat when talking to a woman. When he is walking down the street the gentleman always walks between the curb and his lady friend. He always opens the car door for ladies.

There is a reason Muslims treat their wives like domesticated animals. Islam has never, and will never, have a concept of a Golden Rule. If it ever does develop a concept of the Golden Rule it will over time evolve into a religion like Judaism, which will be a vast improvement over its current status.

This blog is in honor of my father who died in 1991. He was a scholar, a gentleman and a patriot. I developed my great love and respect of history at his knee. Providentially, he was born on the 4th of July, 1917. He survived 36 months of hell in the Pacific during World War II. I still feel he is guiding me in this terrible struggle against Islamic fascism.

In hoc signo vinces,



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