Florida’s Giant Snake Hunt

Fellow infidels,

The Scarlet Pimpernel has a unique twist on actualy physical snakes and the Islamic snakes that are

By now everyone has heard of Florida’s scheme to rid the Everglades of Burmese pythons, an invasive non-native species that is devastating wildlife in the Sunshine State. Officially, it is called 2013 Python Challenge. These huge snakes that were either turned loose by pet owners or managed to escape, began breeding in the Everglades in the early 1990’s. Now it is estimated that a 100,000 of these monster snakes reside in south Florida. In many sections of the glades 90% of the rabbits, possums, foxes, bobcats, and squirrels have been devoured by these non-venomous constrictors. They are also wreaking havoc on the bird life, and, yes, even alligators. There are photos of these giant pythons even swallowing six-foot gators. The big snakes have no natural enemies in Florida. Parents in Miami are worried about the snakes catching and eating a small child. (One of my cardinal rules is to never keep a pet that can eat you for lunch.) The largest python caught so far in the Everglades measured over 17 and 1/2 feet long and weighed in excess of 180 pounds.

Now for $25.00 plus a 30 minute on-line tutorial you, too, can become a python hunter. The state is even offering a financial incentive. The person killing the longest snake will receive a $1,000 bounty. The hunter who kills the most pythons will receive a $1,500 cash award, plus you get to keep the skin and the meat. The skin can be used to make some darn expensive cowboy boots. And yum, the meat is delicious or so I have been told. (I think I will just stick with chocolate ice cream, thank you.).

See: pythonchallenge.org

And now for the legal weapons, almost every kind of gun is permitted. (I’ll take a 12 gauge shotgun, please.) And yes, you can use spears, axes, hunting knives and machetes. In fact, for those who like to get up close and personal the Florida Game and Fish Commission suggests a machete. It is the weapon par excellence for quickly despatching these monsters by cutting off their heads. (Do they make machetes with 20 foot handles ? The normal 10 foot pole will definitely not work for me when the snake may be 15 feet long.)

This machete method drew the ire of the organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (hereafter, known as PETA). PETA was concerned that decapitation caused these animals intense and prolonged suffering. Now I am not for cruelty toward most animals. But mercy for these pythons, will cause massive suffering for the birds and mammals of the Everglades and upset the natural balance of these fragile wetlands.

But what I found even more astounding is that Saudis routinely cut the heads off human beings with impunity and nary a word of protest is ever uttered by PETA or anyone else, for that matter. Last year a woman was convicted of sorcery in Saudi Arabia and her head was shorn off with a sword. Sorcery would not even be considered a crime in the West, but neither would be apostasy or blasphemy. Trials are never public nor by jury in Saudi Arabia. Usually, trials are conducted by fanatical Wahabi imams without legal representation for the accused. Last week a maid from Sri Lanka who supposedly suffocated a Muslim infant was publicly beheaded. At the time alleged crime took place the maid from Sri Lanka was 17 years old. It is perfectly permissible to execute minors in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has the strictest interpretation of Sharia in the Islamic world. It is a capital offence in Saudi Arabia to become a Christian or Jew.

The Saudis are very adept at pretending to be our friends, while secretly trying
to abolish our country and Constitution. The Saudis smile at us, while planning
to plunge the dagger in our backs.

To my friends in PETA, while I respect you for standing up for our animal friends,
it would be most helpful if you were as concerned about human suffering as you
are about reptilian suffering. The Islamic Sharia python is slowly slithering toward
us. If we are not wary this monster will attack our civilization and devour us alive.
We will, indeed, wake up in the belly of the beast.

The Scarlet Pimpernel


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