The Islamic Doctrine Of Razzia

Fellow infidels,

Everyone should make themselves familiar with the Islamic Doctrine of Razzia.  It is horrible to contemplate, yet all non-Muslims must be educated about this satanic practice – Burkasrugly.

Every society known to humanity has a few sexual misfits, pedophiles, rapists and pederasts. Islam mass produces on a gigantic scale these perverted males. They band together in gangs to hunt down their helpless prey. Women and children are raped numerous times, not just with penises, but often with pipes, iron bars, clubs and even with knives. Sometimes the experience is so traumatic that the victims die from blood loss. The survivors are horribly mutilated inside forever.

All of this can be traced back to the Prophet Mohammed who was certainly a rapist and a necrophiliac. The Koran hints that he was also a pederast. But Mohammed is considered in Islam the perfect man worthy of emulation by all Muslim males. So any behavior (or misbehavior as we would view it in the West) is in this warped value system sanctified by Allah. If Mohammed did it, it is approved for all Muslim males even down to this present day.

Thus, we have origin of the Muslim tradition of razzia which dates back to the time of Mohammed. The word “razzia” literally means “uncovered meat”. It applies to all Kaffir or infidel women and children. The doctrine means infidel women and children who fall into the hands of Muslims can be freely sexually abused as the perverted Muslim captors see fit. Young boys can be sodomized repeatedly by gangs of Muslim men and teens. Female babies as young as two years old can be raped numerous times. Infidel women can be raped and sodomized. Even 80-year-old women are not spared this ultimate indignity.

This is happening all around the world not just in the traditional Islamic lands. In Scandinavia 95% of the rapes are committed by Asian men (code name for Muslims in PC societies). In many British cities English women cannot venture out at night because there is a high probability they will be raped if they are not wearing a burka or hijab. Ditto for large sections of France. Crazed Imams actually exhort their all male congregations to commit rape and sodomy.

All of this is a form of sexual jihad designed to destroy not only the bodies of women and children, but also to forever damage their psyches, indeed, their very souls. It is also a not so subtle effort to teach the infidel about Muslim superiority. Muslims have an Allah given right to dominate the unbelievers. Women and children are just so much human meat to be devoured by these Muslim monsters.

Every man who reads this blog must do all he can to stop the practice of razzia. We must lift up our collective voices to expose this evil practice and ban razzia from our countries. Political correctness needs to go to perdition for once and all. Likewise, we need to realize that to be silent in the face of this monstrous evil, this doctrine of razzia, is to become complicit with this abomination.

We are rapidly approaching the tipping point. Soon razzia will be widely practiced in the West, Canada, Australia , and yes, even here in the United States. For the sake of our wives, our mothers, our sisters, our children and our grandchildren we must destroy the ideology of Islam that promotes the doctrine of razzia. To do anything else reeks of cravenly cowardice. Rise up, MEN !

In hoc signo vinces,



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One Response to The Islamic Doctrine Of Razzia

  1. Clare M. Lopez says:

    The practices you describe are indeed horrific, but the Arabic word “razzia” in fact means a raid, a plundering raid against enemy territory.

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