Muslim Savages Harrass Christians, Jews In France

Fellow infidels,

A French reader of Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs site has a very frightening report.  In her apartment complex Muslims are harassing Christians and Jews day and night.  The reader, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, recounted stories of how her Muslim neighbors were continually persecuting her and others.

In one instance she wrote this:

As an example, this morning I went back from the supermarket with  my bag full of pork chops, which I intended to cook for lunch. When she  saw me, my Muslim neighbour, a fat woman wearing hijab, pointed at my  open bag and yelled: “Pork forbidden in this place, you disgusting  witch!” And then she literally attacked me, snatching the bag from me  and throwing it onto the floor so that my eggs were broken.

The Muslims also forced a little Jewish girl to eat pork, telling her that if she did not eat it they would kill her parents.  Ahhh….the Religion of Peace is spreading joy and peace to the whole world.

The French police were contacted about this harassment, but here is what happened:

When we all went to the police station to report these events, the  only thing they could answer was “Sorry, we can’t do anything about  that.” When we asked them the reason for this refusal, they only said:  “There are too many of them. We should be 3,000 more to fight them back. We fear reprisal like you do.” Do you realize????

We agree with what the writer said about the situation:

Long live Israel,  our common Jewish and Christian heritage and the only civilized place in the Middle East. May the savages’ bloody hands perish and leave us in  PEACE for God’s sake !!!!

PS: If you publish this  testimony, please please please, do it anonymously, because I fear  reprisal so much. I know that French terrorists watch your blog a lot.  Thank you.

Be sure to check out the whole story with pictures of what the Muslims drew on her door (a pig) and the black hijab they hung on her door.  Her Muslim neighbor told her that it was “compulsory” for her to wear it every time she left home.

Folks, we simply cannot allow this to happen in America!!! You HAVE to talk to your friends and neighbors who have their heads in the sand.  Send them the link to this blog.  Talk to them.  Invite them to an ACT! for America meeting in your community.  If you don’t have an ACT! for America chapter in your community, then start one for heaven’s sakes!  What are we?  Wimps?  Don’t think it can’t happen here; a frog that is put in cold water and boiled slowly doesn’t realize he is being boiled.  Please wake up and smell the jihad coffee!

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