With Apologies To Roy Orbison

Fellow infidels,

The Scarlet Pimpernel has discovered one Muslim that has a sense of humor…a rarity in a world where people view beheadings as entertainment – Burkasrugly

In my last blog I was bemoaning the fact that Muslims are not able to laugh at their own religious practices. I need to issue a retraction. Believe it or not I have found at least one Muslim comedian. His name is Saad Haroon and he was born in Pakistan. He now lives in New York City, probably for safety from the Taliban as well dozens of other crazy Islamic groups.

He has a website: http://www.saadharoon.com. You may wish to visit it.

Roy Orbison, the great rocker with the dark eyeshades and the distinctive falsetto voice, first sang Pretty Woman in 1964. I remember being a high school sophomore and listening to the song on my transistor radio. (If you are not old enough to remember transistors, that will take a whole other blog to explain.) Pretty Woman I thought was a real cool song back in those distant days.

Well, Saad Haroon has his own Islamic parody of Pretty Woman. He calls his version Burka Woman. He even has a side-splitting video to go along with the song. And just like we used to say in the mid-60s, “It’s cool, man !”

If all Muslims were of the ilk of Saad Haroon that, too, would be cool. Most of our problems with militant Islamism would disappear. Click on the attachment below and groove (enjoy for those of you too young to remember 1960’s lingo.).

The Scarlet Pimpernel


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2 Responses to With Apologies To Roy Orbison

  1. I watched “bhurka woman”, and iI’m telling you, I laughed until I cried! This guy is wonderful! I’m sharing this with everyone I know, and they will send it, literally, all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
    I will fight Islam, in every one of it’s facets, until my last breath, and their last drop of blood. I swear it to God.

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