Jihad Bells

Fellow infidels,

For some holiday fun, read the blog below by the Scarlet Pimpernel – Burkasrugly

This video comes to us courtesy of an Israeli TV broadcast. In the first minute or so of this video, the two Israeli newscasters speaking in Hebrew (It’s captioned just in case you don’t know Hebrew) introduce this insane parody. There is a crazed Muslim dressed like Santa Claus who sings Jihad Bells to the well-known tune of Jingle Bells. The gifts this berserk Santa hands out are guns and knives to murder Christians. The last three minutes of this video would be hilarious, if it were not so true. But feel free to laugh. Muslims hate anyone who chuckles or laughs at their violent antics. In fact, you are committing blasphemy by watching this video and especially, if you manage to cackle or giggle.

Laughter just might be the strongest weapon in our arsenal against militant Islam. These guys are so insecure they can’t laugh at their own absurdities !

To view just click on the attachment. Not recommended for viewing if you wear a Burka, or if you have an arrow painted on your floor labeled “Mecca” or if some variant of Mohammed or Mahdi is your first, middle, or last name, or you are a Muslim with anger issues. People who constantly yell “Allahu Akbar” are also advised not to watch this video.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S. Really watch out for those guys named Muhammed Mahdi Mohammed.


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