More Threats Of Rape By The Religion Of Peace

Fellow infidels,
Muslims continue to prove our point that a number of them are violent, women-hating beasts. Check this blog out from Logan’s Warning where one Muslim threatened violence:

“dream on, you already have a muslim as president and your fat butt is still attached to your chair, what will happen is that America will cease to exist, all white men will be killed and their women and children raped.”

The evidence is all around us. One cannot read a newspaper nor watch tv news without seeing Muslim atrocities in the world.  It is inescapable.  So, Muslims, please quit blaming others for your own faults!  Look in the mirror and give yourselves an HONEST assessment.  Maybe you are incapable of this…since you have been brainwashed by your unholy book, the Koran.

It is really sad that you murder people who say you are violent.  Can you not see the sick irony in that?

Until next time,



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