Sudanese Christians Murdered By Muslims

Fellow infidels,

As promised….the documentary in which our friend, Rev.Ismail Kunda, appears. This documentary highlights the plight of Sudanese Christians in the Nuba Mountains who are being slaughtered by Muslims in the north. Ismail appears at about the 40:5 mark.  Please pass on to your contacts – Burkasrugly

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4 Responses to Sudanese Christians Murdered By Muslims

  1. burkasrugly says:

    What we are looking for? Just the simple fact that the Muslim savages are murdering the Sudanese Christians and the world is doing nothing about it. Muslims are very good at offense, but are really cowards. If you notice, they go after the weak…like women and children and the peaceful Sudanese. When they are confronted with someone who doesn’t stand for their hateful bull crap, they back down. As I said before…cowards.

  2. Mengerikan, bgn agama menjadi sangat kejam. Apa sebenarnya yg kita cari?

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