True Intentions Voiced At Muslim Day Parade

Fellow infidels,
Can Muslims be any clearer? They want to destroy our culture, our Constitution….our very WAY OF LIFE, and they tell us every day that they will do it.  But only a few brave people and a few lone organizations like ACT! for America are standing up to this threat! Come on America! Wake up!

Watch the following video and you will see a disgusting display of Muslim arrogance…they advertised that the White House would have the black flag of jihad flying over it soon.

Not if true American patriots have any say so! Mr. and Mrs. Terrorist, you are about to make some American patriots very angry if you keep pushing your backwards barbarian caveman ways down our throats. Enough is enough! Watch this video and send to all your contacts:

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One Response to True Intentions Voiced At Muslim Day Parade

  1. John Doe says:

    Both the muzzies and the jews extort America for charity and military support. It’s time to cut the purse strings and let’em kill each other.

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