What If Sharia Is Implemented In America?

Fellow infidels,

The Watchman, one of our newest bloggers, ponders what kind of country we will have if large waves of immigrants bring their polar opposite values (Sharia) to America – Burkasrugly

What Can non-Muslims (Christians) Expect if Sharia Law Gains a Larger Footprint in the United States?

Many citizens in the United States wonder if their lives will be impacted by increased Muslims immigration numbers. The response may surprise you. Granted, not all Muslims are evil with intent to do harm against non-Muslims. However, as the immigration numbers grow and more devote Muslims enter the United States, pressure from imams and Islamic clerics to adhere to strict Islamic law will be forced upon the followers of Islam. This is especially true in regions of the United States where large population groups tend to live.

Peer pressure alone demands adherence. The establishment of private Islamic education centers will increase as will the demand for new mosques. The result will be an eventual demand from Islamic religious and political leaders for self-governance with Sharia Law  replacing the Constitution of the United States in clearly identified regions of the states.

Therefore, what can we non-Muslims (Christians) expect if Sharia Law gains a larger footprint in the United States? Read the following account from a personal interview this researcher conducted with two survivors of an attack on October 31, 2010 in Baghdad, Iraq.

As you read the account, ask yourself the following exploratory questions:

1) Describe your emotions as you read the eyewitness account of a terrorist attack on a Christian community.
2) What would your church do if it became a terrorist target?
3) Are you prepared live and die for your faith in Christ?
4) What teaching is provided by your pastor/priest in response to Christian persecution around the world?

The following account was recorded during a deployment to Iraq. The story is true and the researcher personally knows the respondents.

Here is a somewhat sanitized version of that interview—“Our church has a group of security guards who stand at the doors to insure the safety of our members. There were eight men on duty that night. Next door at a financial securities office there were also 6-8 professional guards standing watch at that business.

At approximately 5:30 PM I heard some noise outside and went to investigate. Within minutes our church was overwhelmed by eight terrorists who killed our security guards and entered the church. One terrorist went up to the top of the church; he was the sniper and had a perfect vantage point to kill anyone coming toward the church to help the people inside.

Four terrorists wearing suicide vests entered the main worship center. The other four had grenades and guns. Seven were in the main area where the church members were gathered. Soon after they entered the church they quickly killed the two youngest pastors. Then they shot the older pastor, wounding him. Once the main doors were closed we were trapped and these men controlled the entire church.

This is when they started killing the members. There were about 200 people inside during this time. There was blood everywhere and many people were dead within minutes. Some people just lay among the dead pretending to have been killed while the gunmen continued to kill as many Christians as possible.

I remember a four-month old child lying on the floor crying. These men just walked over and killed that innocent baby. It was a slaughter. The men were all killed first. Then they started killing the women. Often we heard the attackers shouting, “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) as they were killing as many people as possible.”

I asked, “How long did this killing spree last?”

“The killing lasted for 4 hours. We were later told, the Iraqi Army had arrived outside as did several Iraqi police, but did not enter the church. They were waiting for orders before they took control. This is what we don’t understand. Why did they not help the people on the inside? What was the reason for not rushing in and helping the members of the church?

Forty to sixty people were hiding in the back room behind the altar at the front of the church where the pastor changes into his robes. After the terrorists realized there were people in the back room, they threw grenades in on them. All of the suicide bombers were successful. The last suicide bomber was a 12-year-old boy. At the end of the ordeal this boy climbed up onto the altar and pulled the cross down and shouted like the other terrorists, “Allah Akbar.” He then detonated his suicide vest filled with explosives killing himself.”

I then asked, “What is the feeling of the survivors now?”

“Well, it was a dark night. Al Qaeda considers this their most successful attack on Christians to date. Fifty-three people died inside our church including that 4 month old baby. Sixty-one others were seriously injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. One victim was an 85-year-old woman.

This was an organized and planned attack. After a few days, attacks continued at the homes of many Christians. One Christian widow later told me how a bomb went off in front of her home and how she rushed her four children up to the roof of her house and literally jumped across to the rooftop of her neighbor’s house narrowly escaping with her children. They have not returned to their home, leaving with only the clothes on their back.”

I then asked, “What is happening now in the Iraqi Christian community?”

“Christians are leaving Baghdad and surrounding areas. They are traveling up to northern Iraq or trying to get out. These events are our history. Many minorities have had this experience.”

At this point in the interview, another Christian there that night said, “Years ago it was the Jews and then the Iranian-Iraqis. I remember hearing an old Jewish person say, ‘Sunday follows Saturday’, a reference to the persecution to come for Christians. We are now experiencing this more and more.”

My friend stated, “Economically we are also being oppressed. The value of our homes and businesses is dropping. Realtors are telling Muslims, “do not buy the property of Christians now, wait. Tomorrow when they are gone it will all be free.” What can we do? Even some Muslim religious leaders are telling the people not to buy from Christian businesses. Eventually the goods and products will be abandoned and free for the taking.”

Finally, I asked, “What is next for Iraqi Christians, for you?”

My friend said, “My NGO (non-government organization) is helping these fearful Christians flee to the north. I am helping them with blankets and food. We are also providing transportation to as many people as possible to travel out to Christian villages. We currently have over 500 Christian families up north and 300 families moving into villages that are Christian. One pastor has signed over 600 baptism certificates for members of various churches so we can join other churches and prove our Christian faith.

The Christians who can leave Iraq are trying to get out to other countries. However, we are being sold out by the Iraqi government who says we are not persecuted. This is a setback for our refugee status. We are like a ball being kicked around by our government and the governments of other countries since our status is not clear.”


The events of this terrorist attack took place in Baghdad, Iraq on October 31, 2010. The issue for Christians and non-Muslims in the United States, “how far do we go before we say NO MORE?” Traditionally we have been a nation of immigrants, welcoming the masses to our shores. However, in our generation if we fail to influence the newest wave of immigrants with our values and beliefs, we run the risk of losing our personal freedom of religious expression.

Just some thoughts to pass along,
The Watchman


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