Taliban’s New Secret Weapon

The Taliban unveiled (no pun intended) their latest advance in war fighting technology a few days ago. The weapon system is called the Burkha Brigade. Women who are in complete burkhas are being taught to fire AK-47s, pistols and RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). Look carefully at these photos. The Burkha does not even have the eye slit. An opaque gauze covers the eyes. How in the world do these women even aim a weapon ? It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Pray and spray.” Imagine American ladies getting your concealed weapon carry permit under these circumstances. The collateral damage rate must be off the charts.

Also, think about what happens when you fire an AK-47 full auto. After the first few rounds the muzzle of the weapons starts traveling upwards and sideways. How many burkha beauties do you wipe out accidentally? Oh well, that is insignificant. You can always get another wife, or two, or three , or four. And it saves the husband from going through a lengthy Muslim divorce hearing. Now instead of taking may be a minute to utter “I divorce you” for the required three times you can be permanently rid of the old girl in the second in takes for a trigger to be pulled. If the weapon is on full auto she may catch three or four slugs. After the prescribed one day of mourning you too can marry a prepubescent ten-year old girl. You will be just like that great he-boar prophet of yours, Mohammed the Molester.

Then there are Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). Great numbers of your highly intelligent males relatives have been wiped out by the back blast of an RPG. It is not a good idea to be standing behind anyone firing an RPG. Now when the person firing has their vision obscured and other women cannot see either, the inevitable will occur. I don’t think your great, advanced civilization has invented flame retardant cloth. The burkha will guarantee that you will burn like a dried out Christmas (Muslims please, please forgive me for making offensive reference to Christ’s birthday.) tree.

The only improvement that could possibly be made to this superior weapons system is the camo burkha.

Remember the Taliban will fight to the very last female. Just keep the twelve-year-old boys safe to slake the perverted pederasty of your husbands.

Hey, I just came up with an even better idea for the burkha clad ladies. Turn your weapons on those wife-beating, misogynist husbands you have. You already have gotten him out numbered at least four to one. Throw in his ex-wives and concubines and maybe that figures out to at least an eight to one advantage. Even using the pray and spray technique you can send your hate filled hubby on a one way trip to see allah.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

I have included two photos of the women of the Israeli Defense Force below. Notice they ain’t wearing burkhas !


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