White European Christian Slaves Taken By Muslim Raiders

Fellow infidels,

If you thought that Africans were the only people who have been slaves, think again.  And if you think that it started in America then you are way off.  Read the blog below by Constantine and your eyes will be opened – Burkasrugly

In America we normally think of slaves as being Africans. Unfortunately, prior to 1808 Americans were complicit in aiding in the transportation and selling of Africans in this country. This was a shameful, immoral episode in our national history.

But not all slaves were black. Millions of white Christian slaves were taken by Islamic raiders who were following the example of Mohammed. Mohammed is viewed in Islam as the perfect man. His every action is to be emulated by his followers right down to the present day. If Mohammed owned slaves, all of his followers should also own other human beings.

White slaves from Spain, Central and Eastern Europe were shipped to the slave bazaars of the Middle East. Most of the male slaves were castrated to prevent them from marrying female slaves and thus literally severed their line of descent. Most castrated males were used as galley slaves and eunuchs in the vast harems of evil Muslim rulers.

Read the following statistics: In 903 AD when the Christian town of Thessalonica fell to the Muslim hordes over 22,000 Christians were sold into slavery. Again, in 1526 the Turks invaded the Christian country of Hungary. Over 200,00 people were carried into slavery. In 1571 thousands of Greeks living on the island of Cyprus were sent to Istanbul as slaves.

In the 250 year period between 1530 and 1780 over a million Europeans were seized and forced into slavery. Whole coastal towns were depopulated because of these slave raids. Particularly hard hit were the countries of Italy, southern France, Spain and Portugal. The Islamic slaves raiders even preyed on England, Wales and Ireland. Baltimore, Ireland was targeted in 1631. Nearly all of the inhabitants were captured and carried away into the most degrading perpetual enslavement.

Over 7,000 English people were captured between 1622 and 1644. Believe it or not, when the Muslims heard about all the blue-eyed, blonde haired women living in Iceland they began raiding that far off land. Blondes always brought top dollar in the Muslim world’s slave markets.

The tragedy is that even today this abhorrent practice still continues. Everywhere strict Muslims live who follow the letter of the Sharia Law you will find a thriving practice of human bondage. Islam is the only world religion that encourages and still practices slavery. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Sudanese.

In hoc signo vinces,



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3 Responses to White European Christian Slaves Taken By Muslim Raiders

  1. Sampson says:

    pedophile prophet and a religion of savages

  2. Darrell Lynch says:

    I pledge to fight every aspect of Islam, until my last breath, and their last drop of blood, whatever it takes. I swear it to God.

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