Pakistani Muslim Monster Rapes Christian Baby

Fellow infidels,

If this evil of Islam is ever to be stopped, people MUST stand up and say NO MORE!  This murder and mayhem has got to stop!  Constantine makes further comments on this atrocity – Burkasrugly

I alternately cursed and wept as I viewed this heartbreaking video. I am so glad that thousands of miles separate me from these five Islamic thugs and rapists. If I ever met them I would probably lose control of myself and permanently parole them to allah.

Please watch this heart rending video. This poor little two-year-old girl was raped repeatedly by five fiends who were Muslims. After all the five were just emulating the perfect Muslim man, Mohammed, the child molester.

This is not an isolated attack, as this happens quite frequently. recently ran a story titled “The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children.”  Here are a few examples of what is happening to Christians in that Muslim majority country.

* Gulfam, another 9-year-old Christian girl, was raped by a Muslim man.  Though not killed, she was left “in shock and in the throes of a physical and psychological trauma.” During her ordeal, her rapist told her “not to worry because he had done the same service to other young Christian girls” (Dec. 2010).

*Lubna, a 12-year-old Christian girl, was kidnapped, gang-raped, and murdered by a group of Muslims (Oct. 2010).

* Kidnapped last Christmas Eve, a 12-year-old Christian girl known as “Anna,” was gang raped for eight months, forcibly converted and then “married” to her Muslim attacker.  After she escaped, instead of seeing justice done, “the Christian family is in hiding from the rapists and the police” (Oct, 2011).

* After gang-raping a 13-year-old Christian girl, a band of Muslims came to her house when all male members were away working and “mercilessly” beat her pregnant aunt causing her to lose female twins to miscarriage: “They murdered our children, they raped our daughter. We have nothing left with us,” lamented an older family member.  The police went on to accuse the 13-year-old raped girl of “committing adultery with three men” (June 2012).

What are YOU doing about this?  What is your PASTOR doing about this?  Hiding behind Political Correctness? It is time to stand up and be Politically Incorrect and emulate our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He was not afraid to speak the truth against evil. We must stop these attacks by Muslims on children throughout the world.

“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea, than he should cause one of these little ones to harmed.”  Luke 17:2

In hoc signo vinces,



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2 Responses to Pakistani Muslim Monster Rapes Christian Baby

  1. cgbf6 says:

    whether these men Muslim or atheist doesn’t matter you are sick individuals i don’t care what you’ve been told or what book you read GOD does not love pedophiles and rapists so your going to hell where giant demons with spikes on their massive members are going to rape you for eternity and there is no hope rest or lube

    • burkasrugly says:

      Well, if God doesn’t love pedophiles, then he didn’t love Mohammed because he was a pedophile. He married Aisha when she was 6 years old and had sex with her when she was 9.

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