Muslims Invading America Through Immigration

Fellow infidels,
We are allowing something to happen that we should not be allowing – unfettered Muslim invasion of our country. Europe is already seeing the effects of their foolish multicultural experiment.  We should not be required to commit cultural suicide in order to satisfy the Far Left. Also, we also are not having enough children to sustain our civilization. We can stop this, but we need to pay attention and educate the public.

Please watch this video and send it to everyone on your e-mail list.  It is very eye-opening.

There is, however, a bright spot in all of this. The above video was done in 2006.  Since then, apparently, Muslim women are not producing children fast enough for the mullahs, according to a story today on titled “Iranian Islamists Panicking Over Population Decline.”  In part the article states:

Iranian women bore 7 children in 1970, and an average of 1.5 today, the same as Europe. In the UN’s “low variant” forecast, fertility will fall to just 1 child per female. By 2050, elderly dependents will comprise nearly a third of the population of some Muslim nations, notably Iran.

God (the REAL God, Jesus Christ) is good, isn’t He?

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