For Greater Glory – A Movie Review

Fellow infidels,

Constantine reviews ‘For Greater Glory’ – a movie you will definitely want to see – Burkasrugly

It seems difficult to believe but in Mexico, one of the largest Roman Catholic nations today, there was a terrible persecution of Christians in the 1920’s. This event has been carefully scrubbed and sanitized in Mexican history books, especially in text books. In other words Political Correctness even reigns in Mexico.

It all began with the election of Plutarco Elias Calles as President of Mexico. This man was a devout, albeit, closet atheist. He never informed the Mexican people of his leanings until he was elected. In fact, I chose the term “devout atheist” with precision. His atheism was his religion. Also, politically he was socialist/communist. He was determined to put the Church out business in Mexico. He thought within one generation Mexicans would forsake the Church forever.

His tyranny, like all tyrannies, began rather mildly. He ordained that priests could not wear their clerical garb outside the Church and the Mass had to celebrated inside the Church. But things got worse fast. On August 1, 1926 he ruled that Church services were forbidden, children could not be baptised, men and women could not be married with Church rites and the celebration of the Mass was punishable by death. The astounded Mexican people first organized non-violent petition drives and peaceful protests. This tactic was totally ineffective. Next Calles began shooting priests and even parishioners who clandestinely partook of the Sacrament. Hundreds of priests were stood against walls and shot by firing squads. Soon spontaneous armed groups began forming all over Mexico. They were called Cristeros, for their loyalty to Jesus Christ. Their battle cry was “Viva Cristo Rey !” (Long live Christ the King !)

However, their resistance was sporadic at best, often ineffectual at worse. They needed a General to build these groups into a disciplined, hard-hitting Army. Enter General Gorostieta, a hero from earlier wars and a master strategist, played in the movie by Andy Garcia. The General quickly molded the Cristeros into a major military force. Unfortunately, Gen. Gorostieta did not survive the war. He was killed in one of the last battles of the war in 1929 just months before the armistice was signed between the Church and the government. Once again, the joyful sounds of church bells pealing was heard across Mexico.

This movie functions as a powerful cinematic sermon on the freedom of religion clashing with tyranny. The Church, once again, proved itself to be the anvil that has worn out many hammers. And the blood of the martyrs again became the seed of the Church. Also, this movie is a cautionary tale for American churches. Obamacare has been a disaster for the American Roman Catholic Church destroying their doctrine of the sanctity of all human life, including the most vulnerable of all, the unborn. There is great similarity between President Calles and our own President Obama, the Messiah of secularism. Obama hates traditional Christianity. We are people who stupidly cling to our Bibles and guns. Thank God we have the Bill of Rights !

All the First Amendment rights are interconnected. If freedom of speech goes, so will freedom of religion, the press and peaceful assembly. Interestingly enough, one religious group always gets a free pass, Islam. According to the actions of Obama Islam cannot even be questioned. He has elevated Islam to an unassailable position. And we have the tyranny of Islam denying our nation both freedom of speech and of religion. Obama has committed sedition against the U S Constitution, the Supreme law of this land.

For Greater Glory is now in all the DVD rental outlets. Get a copy and watch it. It is truly a classic movie about the unending struggle for religious freedom. And pray to God we do not in America have to defend our religious liberties like the brave, unyielding people of Mexico.

Viva Cristos Rey !



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2 Responses to For Greater Glory – A Movie Review

  1. oakley357 says:

    Obama and his cronies are slowly eroding the constitutional rights of Americans. It is already a “hate crime” to speak against Islam, and they keep trying to take our weapons and have usurped the authority of states’ rights by filine lawsuits to negate laws the people have voted for, such as laws requiring all voters to show picture ID. Much more will happen if Obama wins Nov. 6th, so let’s do everything in our power tomake sure he does not while we still have the right to vote.


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