Word To Rioting Muslims: Go To Hell

Fellow infidels,

Pat Condell is not known for being subtle and his recent video condemning the insane rioting in the Middle East is no exception.  Pat says what millions and millions of Westerners say every day to each other in coffee shops, in e-mails, in their homes, and in telephone conversations.  People are more than fed up with these infantile seventh century idiots who claim to be adherents to the “Religion of Peace.”  They disprove this bogus claim every time they scream like banshees and commit vile and ungodly violence on fellow human beings.  Take a listen to what Pat says.  You will be on your feet cheering by the end of it.

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One Response to Word To Rioting Muslims: Go To Hell

  1. Bruce says:

    Go to Hell and take a pig with you…the culture of death

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