You Didn’t Build That; You Stole That

Fellow infidels,

If you still believe that the “Religion of Peace” has only peace-loving adherents, then you need to read the following blog by Strider the Ranger – Burkasrugly

No, this isn’t another countless editorial or blog about that now famous dictum of Barack Hussein Obama. This about that other Muslim, Mohammed the prophet, the top dog of the whole crazed Muslim pecking order. Under Sharia law if you as an infidel steal a loaf of bread or a trifling sum of money from a Muslim you risk having your hand amputated (Liberal Muslims give you a shot of Novocaine before lopping off your hand. Bad Joke) or if they are feeling charitable that day perhaps only a 100 lashes.

If you are a non-Muslim theft from you is actually authorized by the Koran and the hadiths. Allah commands you to steal from the infidels. In the Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law we read verbatim from O10.2 “As for personal booty, anyone who, despite resistance, kills one of the enemy (That means you, fellow infidel) or effectively incapacitates him, risking his own life thereby, is entitled to whatever he can take away from the enemy (Major Geneva Convention violation), meaning as much as he can take away with him in battle, such as mounts, clothes, weapons, money or other.”

Of course, Mohammed the piggish prophet is first entitled to his 20% cut of the action. It’s good to be the Prophet, to paraphrase Mel Brooks. (Oh no, did I just paraphrase a Jew ! Prepare for Muslim wounded feelings and major rioting).

Mohammed initiated a raiding culture which persists to this day. Mohammed even stole women and children to be used as sex slaves. Imagine that sweating, smelly, foul breath prophet humping your wife, daughter or girl friend, or if you are a female being raped by this monster. Hopefully, you get the picture.

Islam has destroyed many hard-working, productive societies and within decades reduced them to poverty ridden cesspools of demoralized dhimmis.It is no accident that no cars, smart phones, medical innovations, or even flat screen TVs are produced in Muslim lands. When is the last time you have seen a computer bearing the legend “Made In Saudi Arabia,” or a new medical procedure from the Sudan. Islam is an immoral parasitic religion that destroys every culture in which it comes in contact.

Now do you understand while Islam is spreading like wildfire through our prison system? People who enjoy killing, raping, and stealing now suddenly have a god, Allah, who sanctions such behavior and promises to reward it in the afterlife with even more rape. About 30,000 of these hideous ogres are released back into our society every year through either parole or completion of their sentences. That is the equivalent of two divisions of Jihadists coming into America every single year.

I see a dark moon a rising, more accurately a dark Crescent Moon.

Islam must have ever new conquests to keep on expanding. We must drive these maniacs back into the fiery wastes from which they have come. They didn’t build it, but according to Sharia Law they have every right to steal it committing murder and rape to aid their fiendish purpose.

Strider the Ranger


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