Goodness Cannot Be Separated From God

Fellow infidels,

The Scarlet Pimpernel’s opinion of Mohammed and Allah is explained below – burkasrugly

In Olde English the word good and God derive from the same root-stock. Good or goodness is synonymous with God. In the Judeo-Christian tradition God is Good. God is also the epitome of Truth, Beauty and Reason. All the Christian mystics have talked about the Beauty of God. The theologians have reflected on the Truth of God. And even Christian philosophers have acknowledged the Reason and Logic of God’s orderly universe.

By definition God is incapable of committing evil. It is axiomatic that God is Good, and the highest Good is God.

What then are we to understand of Allah. Allah is not a god of goodness, instead he is a deity of malevolence. There is only one of two choices available to us on the subject of Allah.

Did Mohammed create this god Allah in his own image. The image is of a murderer, a rapist, a child molester, a thief, a warlord and a slaver. Allah, the god of Mohammed’s demented psychotic mind, also created Sharia, the most barbaric legal code ever known to humanity. Sharia has destroyed countless noble civilizations and replaced them with oppression and savagery.

Or even worse is the second option. Allah may be Lucifer metaphorically speaking. He may be the age-old Trickster who constantly seeks to lead humanity astray. Allah substitutes evil for good and deception for truth. Allah is a false god of pure unadulterated evil.

Evil is a reality in our world. We are spiritually called to war against evil. There can be no neutrality in this confrontation. We side either with evil or with good. Not to take a stance really means to stand with evil.

Allah is not a god of goodness. He is a god of torture, mayhem, lust, murder, savagery and deceit. By definition he cannot be the God of the Jews and their successors, the Christians.

In short, Allah is no god at all. He is closer to a demon and a monster. Did Mohammed create god in his own image ? It is certainly a question worth asking.

Whenever we sever goodness from God the result is inevitably bloody horror and inhumanity.

The Scarlett Pimpernel


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