An Extraordinary Act Of Bravery

Fellow infidels,

Constantine picks up on a story that has largely been ignored by the media – Burkasrugly

In this week filled with turmoil and savagery from the Muslim world one event has gone almost unreported. This incident has been the papal visit to Lebanon which began on Friday morning. Benedict the XVI will be in that troubled land for three days. Security will obviously be very heavy. But there is almost no way to stop a homicide bomber who is willing to die himself in the act of murdering others.

The Pope is carrying his message on Christian reconciliation into the very belly of the beast. He is fully aware of the risk he is taking. The Pope is deliberately carrying his message of peace and love into the teeth of vicious, unreasonable seething hatred. Lebanon is the unwilling host to hordes of crazed Hezbollah true believers, as in,
irrational fanatics. Also Hamas followers which are just as bad are present in Lebanon in large numbers. This is not even including the other Muslim madmen all of which would love to assassinate the Pope.

This trip by the Pope represents an extraordinary act of bravery calculated to carry the Gospel into the very heart of the Islamic world. This Protestant guy will be praying for the safety of the Roman Catholic Pope. Benedict the XVI has made a calculated ploy to plant Christianity in the midst of Islam. The Pope trusts in the power of Christ’s love to overcome the hatred spawned by the malevolent Mohammed and his present day followers. The Pope remembers that the Church is the anvil that has worn out many hammers in the last 2,000 years of persecution. He knows that the blood of Christian martyrs is truly the seed of the Church.

In hoc signo vinces,



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