Texas Pig Farmer Won’t Move To Accomodate Muslims

Fellow Infidels,
Why would Muslims knowingly purchase land adjacent to a pig farm and expect the pig farmer to move to accommodate their new mosque they are planning to build? I suppose it was a shock to the Muslims because in Muslim majority countries they can do just about anything to an infidel and get away with it.

Someone needs to tell them that the time isn’t right just yet.  They have jumped the gun.  They need to wait at least another 20 years to give their plan of subjugation time to work on ignorant Americans who are asleep at the wheel.  As for now, the pig farmer pushed back.

Oink!, Oink!

Until next time,



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2 Responses to Texas Pig Farmer Won’t Move To Accomodate Muslims

  1. fudge says:

    the new and old testament was written first before the islams corrupted it, by changing things around. are they so thick that they don’t know this.

  2. Russ says:

    Like Hell the Muslims will get their way. They will be annialated in a short time from now. Christ will return to destroy them!

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