Islam Is A “Religion Of War” Says Grandson Of Hamas Founder

Fellow infidels,

Christian convert Mosab Hassan Yousef, a former Muslim and grandson of one of Hamas’ original founders, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, says that Islam is a “religion of war” and that Muslims must “reexamine their faith and some of the ideologies they may have been raised on.”

It was almost inevitable that Yousef would become just another radical terrorist like his father.  However, it seemed a miracle happened and he comprehended the truth.  Please watch the video below of an interview with Yousef that appeared on Jerusalem Post TV:

Yousef is working on a huge project…of putting together a feature film to objectively examine the life of Muhammad — an extremely dangerous undertaking as depicting Muhammad is forbidden under Islam and will likely mark him for death in some radical circles.

God (the REAL God, Jesus) said that in the last days He would pour out his spirit on all flesh.  Maybe through new technology this will happen…and Muslims will be finally free of the evil  that has held them hostage for 1,400 years.

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