It’s Miller Time (Iranian Style)

Fellow infidels,

Make sure that you tell your friends about this blog so they will know that under Sharia law a person can be put to death for drinking alcohol.  This is astounding.  It helps to emphasize the value of the U.S. Constitution, especially the part that forbids “cruel and unusual punishment.”  In light of this story, one can conclude that not one shred of Sharia law has any business being allowed into our legal system. – Burkasrugly

The news services have been reporting that two Iranian men have been sentenced to death for drinking alcohol. This is their third offense. In Iran it is three strikes and you are literally out,as in permanently dead. (This explains why Ahmajinedad could tell Columbia students, “We don’t have any homosexuals in Iran.” Indeed, all of them have been executed.)

Sharia Law has a prescribed mandatory penalty for drinking alcohol in any quantity. The Reliance of the Traveller dictates a punishment of 40 to 80 lashes (O:16.3) for alcohol consumption. So much for Sharia being harmless and compatible with the United States Constitution. Many actions that are not criminal in our legal system are capital offenses in Islamic societies.

But there is an all-purpose clause in Sharia that sanctions killing of persistent offenders. It is found in Section S: 4.6 of the above cited work. “When anyone claims there is a state between him and Allah relieving him of the need to obey the Sacred Law such that the prayer, fasting, and so forth are not obligatory for him, or that drinking wine is permissible for him, there is no doubt that the imam of the Muslims or his representative is obliged to kill him. Some hold that executing such a person is better in Allah’s sight than killing a hundred unbelievers in the path of Allah the Most High.”

This paragraph functions as blanket coverage allowing imams to hand out the most horrible punishments willy-nilly. For instance the Constitution still (I think) would allow you to say, “The prophet Mohammed stinks like a wet dog.” Yet you could be given the death sentence in Iran for voicing such an opinion. Remember it is the plan of these of these monsters to bring Sharia to a city near you. They have already taken over Dearborn, Michigan where Sharia has become the de facto law of the land. Will your city, town or village be next ?

Next time you open the fridge and reach for an ice-cold Bud remember Sharia would make it a capital offense for you to quaff your thirst with a beer. The phrase “Dying for a drink” would take on a sinister meaning with horrible consequences.

This 4th of July think about Sharia as you are eating your pork barbecue washed down by a chilled adult libation. Come to think of it, the 4th of July celebrations could become a thing of the past under Sharia. WAKE UP TO THE DANGER !!!

In hoc signo,



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