UN Is Useful Idiot For Radical Islam

Fellow infidels,

Pat Condell explains  in the video below how the UN is nothing but a farce because it elevates barbaric totalitarian Islamic regimes while at the same time runs down the only free society in the Middle East – which is Israel.  As Pat notes, America should just kick the UN out of America and let them operate in one of their beloved Islamic hell hole sewers.

Despite being an atheist, Pat has definitely gotten radical Islam’s – and the UN’s – number.  Of course, if Islam were the only choice one were allowed for a religion, it would be infinitely better to be an atheist.

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One Response to UN Is Useful Idiot For Radical Islam

  1. Tom R Fossett, Citizen of the Republic says:

    The UN is farce of a peace organization cover for what used to be international technocracy, but as you say of late it is an instrument of radical Islam. The UN doesn’t belong on this planet or any where else let alone the USA.
    Peace to a Muslim means submission, subjugation. Such religious tolerance as we see among Muslims in the Sudan, etc. increases my physical safety as a Jesus Freak.

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