Muslims Using Textbooks To Indoctrinate School Children

Fellow infidels,

Islam is portrayed in a much more favorable light than Christianity and Judaism in many American textbooks.  Please take a look at the videos below and pass on to your friends who may have children or grandchildren in school.  It is a good thing that children are taught about world religions.  However, there is a difference between teaching and indoctrinating.  Leaving out the unfavorable parts of Islam’s history while focusing on the negative aspects of Christianity and Judaism is not a scholarly endeavor.  If all of these religions are to be taught, then Islam’s sordid history needs to be examined also, like for instance its history of having slaves. That should not be glossed over.  Without further adieu…the videos.

Here is one from Hannity:

And another one from Fox:

Note how Christianity and Judaism are treated as if they MAY be true, but all the tenets of Islam are stated as FACTS.  This is Islamic supremacy on display in America…and politically correct textbook publishers and school administrators are to blame for letting this happen.  Please check to see what is in your child’s textbook.  If you have concerns, follow up with school administrators.  Better yet, get a group of parents who are also concerned and ask to meet with school administrators to voice your concerns.  If that does not work, find out who the school board members are and ask to meet with them.  Remember, this is YOUR child’s education and could be America’s undoing if left unchecked.

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One Response to Muslims Using Textbooks To Indoctrinate School Children

  1. TJ says:

    Funny that Islam is FACT when simple history shows their stuff was written AFTER the
    Bible, 300 years after.

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