Nonie Darwish Speech Interrupted By Radicals At UNM

Fellow infidels,
It seems as if Leftist radicals think they are the only ones who have a right to freedom of speech in America. Watch how they try to disrupt Nonie Darwish’s speech at the University of New Mexico.  By the way, Darwish spoke at Arkansas State University in October.

Fortunately, it appears that order was restored and Ms. Darwish got to finish her speech.  How can this happen in America?  A person cannot offer their point of view anymore on college campuses without being treated in this rude and disrespectful manner. This is happening precisely because the liberal professors and administrations of American colleges do not want to give up their power to indoctrinate kids into the Leftist/Marxist way of thinking.

Note to college administrators/professors:  our children are NOT there for you to indoctrinate to become the next generation of Marxists.  They are there to learn the skills to get a job and that entails learning to think critically.  They can’t do that if you don’t allow a “marketplace of ideas” to exist.  Force feeding the liberal/progressive/Marxist anti-American agenda is not going to cut it anymore.

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