Christians Turn Other Cheek While Muslims Blaspheme Jesus

Fellow infidels,
The contrast is huge between Christians and Muslims.  This week Muslims in Afghanistan have murdered several people, including American troops, during violent riots in response to reports that several pages of a Koran were mistakenly burned. Desecration of the Koran is forbidden in Islam.

Radical Muslims Blaspheme Jesus

The adherents of “The Religion of Peace” are not living up to their nickname.  Any slight, real or imagined, is enough to send Muslims off in a murderous rage.  Christians, on the other hand, are subjected to blasphemy of our Savior by Muslims, but yet we turn the other cheek.  Do you see any Christians going ballistic over this photo?  We know that the real and true God can take care of  Himself and would never want violence.  These people seem to thrive on violence and death.  They are always on edge, looking for something…anything to feed into their insatiable anger that has been stirred up by imams and other Islamic leaders who don’t really care about their people.  As they have said themselves, they love death like we love life.
Which is the real “Religion of Peace?”
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