Prominent Atheist Not Offended By Nativity Scene

Fellow Infidels,

Pat Condell, who is an atheist, says he is not offended by the Nativity scene.  It makes one wonder who is behind the effort to get such things banished from the public sphere.  Would the Useful Idiots who appease the Muslim world band together to get all traces of Islamic “culture” erased?  Say, for instance, would they try to get stoning women to death banned?  What about female genital mutilation? What about public beheadings?  Or amputation of hands for stealing?  Nope. Instead, they put their efforts toward banning the Nativity scene, which has NEVER harmed or killed anyone.  However, all the aforementioned Islamic practices HAVE harmed and/or killed many people.  Check out what Pat has to say about this:

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