Daily Kos Sacks Eric Allen Bell For Telling Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels,

It is pretty bad when an award-winning LIBERAL filmmaker gets booted off the liberal Daily Kos reservation when he simply tells the truth about Islam.  For merely asking pertinent questions and quoting from the Koran and the Hadith, he has become persona non grata to the ultra-liberals at the Daily Kos.  That’s ok, Eric, we will welcome you.  Please take a look at  the clip below of Eric on the Jamie Glasov show.  He is with Nonie Darwish (who has spoken at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro), and Mark Tapson.

Please send this to all the liberals you know….to let them know that they will get the same cold shoulder treatment if they start researching Islam and finding out that people like Eric and Nonie are not “loons” but are the sane ones who tell the truth.

Until next time,



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