Muslim Cleric Advocates Murder Of Jewish Babies In Womb

Fellow infidels,

In an article on The Blaze titled “Egyptian Journalist Calls Out ‘Terroristic, Hypocritical’ Muslims for Defaming Islam and Muhammed” journalist Ahmed El Aswany, an Egyptian Muslim, said it is not the West that is defaming Islam with cartoons, books and free speech, but rather Muslims “for imposing a terroristic, hypocritical, and life-hating Islamic model that feeds on killing others in the name of jihad and fighting freedom of expression…”

Wow…..we could not have said it better ourselves.

For example, El Aswany said that those who defame the Prophet include men like [Yusif] Qaradawi [the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader], who incite killing Jewish babies in their mothers’ wombs (his lecture at the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate in 1996), and who incite and support suicide bombings and declared jihad in Iraq, in the name of religion and the Prophet, leading to the killing of innocent people.

More Muslims need to speak out like El Aswany.  Of course, the “Religion of Peace” will seek him out and murder him if they can get their hands on him….all for pointing out the truth about Islam.

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