Arkansas State University Hosts Citizens United For Israel

Fellow infidels,

It is great to hear the local university, Arkansas State University, has a new registered student organization, Citizens United For Israel (CUFI).   Check out this short video from the CUFI website:

An article was written by ASU student William Kazyak and published in the school’s newspaper “The Herald.”  You can read the article here but I have included an excerpt:

The guest speaker was retired Colonel John Somerville, a 30-year Marine veteran who made over 60 trips to the Middle East during his career.

He made a very strong case for the need to support Israel.

Somerville spoke at length about the threats to Israel, using historic precedent and current events to validate his claims.

One of the most striking pieces of evidence was the fact that Iran was not called Iran until the year 1935. This was the period of time when Adolf Hitler was making his meteoric rise to power in Germany, as well as laying his plans of Aryan supremacy and Jewish extermination.

The real surprise lay in the name “Iran,” which means “land of the Aryans.”

You can also check out CUFI’s website here.  Also on their website is a petition that will be sent to the Democrat and Republican candidates asking them the stand with Israel. It is very simple and takes  only seconds.

Our current president has thrown Israel under the bus – big time.  We need to do all we can to support our Jewish brothers and sisters.  We simply cannot allow another Holocaust to occur.

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