Saudi Women Sue Government For Right To Drive

Fellow infidels,

It may sound ridiculous, but in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive.  These two women are suing the government because they say that there are no laws banning them from driving. Check out the story here at Jihad Watch.

Of course there aren’t any laws banning women driving in Saudi Arabia.  However, the Muslim men are afraid of what will happen if women get their freedom.  And driving means freedom.  I submit that Muslim men’s biggest fear is the power of women.  They have managed to keep it under control and contained for 1,400 years, but there are signs that this is possibly starting to change.  It just needs a good spark to set the world of Muslim women on fire. Three cheers for you, dear sisters.  We hope and pray (to Jesus) that you all will gain your God-given (Jesus) freedoms that you have been CHEATED out of.

Until next time,

Burkasrugly (Muslim sisters, the next project you should undertake is to get rid of those ugly, freedom-limiting burkas.  They really are ugly).


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