Hillary Clinton Ok’s Introduction Of Sharia Law In U.S.

Fellow infidels,

In this installment, Fishin’ Guy brings attention to a very scary United Nations Resolution, Resolution 16/18 that essentially opens the door to implementation of Sharia in the United States.  But you can do something about this.  ACT! for America is gauging how much support there is in each state for American Laws for American Courts legislation.  Please go to the ACT! for America website and sign the petition here.  You will need to scroll down a bit to the form. AND you can call your senator or representative…the phone number to the Capitol switchboard is at the end of this article.  Please call your representatives!!!! – Burkasrugly

Last month, a meeting was quietly conducted in Washington, D.C. that may signal the beginning of a slow dismantling of the First Amendment.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the meeting for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  The purpose of this gathering was basically to discuss how the United States can implement the OIC agenda to criminalize criticism of Islam.

The end result was that a freedom-limiting resolution, United Nations Resolution 16/18, was adopted by the U.S. government.

After seeing that support for the UN Blasphemy Resolution was dwindling, the OIC sought a meeting with Clinton to do an end-run around the Constitution. Since 2005, this group has been trying to implement a ten-year program that would have the UN adopt an international resolution to counter “Islamaphobia” and call upon States to counter it, including “deterrent punishments.” (Jail time for criticizing radical Islam).

The meeting was described as a working session to discuss legal mechanisms to combat religious discrimination.  However, the only religion that the UN Human Rights Council ever mentioned in any previous resolution was Islam. The Human Rights Council includes several “outstanding” protectors of human rights such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Cuba, and Libya. In Pakistan women get the death penalty for being raped – Islamic law says they have committed adultery by being raped – and blasphemy against Islam is punishable by death.

Why aren’t liberals howling about this?  If Resolution 16/18 is fully implemented, their rights to dunk a cross in urine and display it as “art” may be over. Probably not, though, since this sham meeting was only about imposing Sharia law and Islamic supremacy upon unsuspecting American Christians.

The First Amendment is our only protection against this resolution.  Europe doesn’t have a First Amendment, and as a result several notable cases of “incitement to hatred of religion” have been moving through the courts there. If you don’t believe me, just ask Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a free speech activist who was charged in 2010 in Austria with “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion” for asserting that “Mohammed had a thing for little girls.”Yep, criticizing radical Islam can get people into legal trouble in several European countries.

Clinton’s eagerness to appease countries that are human rights violators is despicable.  Please be aware that this woman has put your freedom of speech in jeopardy.

Adoption of this resolution is unacceptable.  Americans are not made to be ruled by Islamic supremacists….much less the United Nations.  Let your Congressman hear about this.  The phone number to the Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121.  Just ask for your representative or senator for your state.  Please be polite but firm that you will not stand for this.

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23 Responses to Hillary Clinton Ok’s Introduction Of Sharia Law In U.S.

  1. Eric Kahn says:

    Any quotes from Hillary out of this meeting?

  2. Sherie White says:

    Will you please cite your fact sources?

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  6. Robert Gorsline says:

    Sharia Law is SLAVERY to WOMEN ! Women get beaten, cannot attend school without a man’s permission, and MUST do whatever men tell them to do ! The U.S. had a Civil War to Reject SLAVERY ! I surely do NOT want SLAVERY back in the United States again to take away Women’s Rights that we all should be DEFENDING !! If Hillary wants to be a slave, send her to Syria !!!!!!!! BE FREE and PROTECT IT !!!!!!!!!

  7. daisy says:

    you are an idiot. at some point in time you are going to have to realize that A) your writing is sensationalized crap because you didn’t do your research and B) your are not paying close enough attention. The reason for all of the “Muslims are not the same as Jihadists” is the government realizes that we cannot simply wipe out the muslim faith, so they are working to re-indoctrinate them to fit into our society with propaganda. The purpose is 2-fold, a teach society how to live with them day-to-day, and teach them to stop being so extreme if they want to live among us. Basically – we dont care what you believe, just stop murdering, raping, and blowing stuff up if you want to live. For example; at 10 PM in many cities, a commercial comes on at 10 PM that states “its 10 PM, do you know where your kids are?” It was an effort to get kids off the street by a certain hour to protect them by making parents more aware. Now, in those cities, anyone over 18 with children is conditioned to think about where their kids are at 10 pm.

  8. Juanita Andrews says:

    No way! My family will never reduce ourselves to their level! We are AMERICANS! My god, get these Anti-Americans out of our government! Why aren’t our citizens pushing for impeachment of these animals in DC? This is crazy!!!

  9. What everyone is missing is that congress approved the in whole adoption of ANY worker safety issue. In short, what ever the UN adopts, OSHA is to implement on the spot. The larger picture, workers who fear their ‘safety’ in the workplace because of their religious affiliations are now protected by the Fed in all 50 States. How scary is this!

  10. Bob says:

    My problem with this resolution is that it condemns criticizing religions. However, there are some religious organizations and faiths that should be protested and criticized. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church deserves every bit of criticism it gets. Similarly, Scientology, which brainwashes its followers into some insane medical practices which have caused the death of at least 1 person and probably more, also deserves criticism. This resolution is ignorant of the fact that some religions are toxic to society and the world at large.

  11. Seth Mueller says:

    Just to check your accuracy, I found the Resolution from the UN GA Human Rights Commission. It is an actual PDF file that has the adopted resolution.
    The resolution itself does not agree with your evaluation of it. Unless there is a second resolution revision from a later date you are totally off-base. To me what is criminal is that you mislead your ignorant followers to sign up for your interpretation without encouraging them to read it for themselves . Hopefully you must also know that resolutions are not the basis for international or national laws. A resolution is only a statement not a canon of law.
    I have often thought that Muslims who preach hate to children of peoples who have faiths other than theirs and encourage them to kill indiscriminately are doomed to a living hell and one after life. The words of Matthew 18:5-7 must also hold for Christians as well. As Christians we cannot pick and choose what we wish to be held accountable for. So if we look at what you are doing with that perspective in mind, then surely your group is doomed for the same fate. Also, it has been suggested that the word child is much more global than just an individual who has not reached puberty yet. If we are all children of good, then certainly the population of those we can be a stumbling block to are much larger.

    • burkasrugly says:

      Obama and his ilk have not followed the law, and he is most definitely a Muslim sympathizer, so nothing would make him any happier than to elevate Islam above all other religions….and this resolution is just the beginning. Islam and its supporters keep pushing and never give up. Read this: http://nypost.com/2011/12/17/a-perverse-process/

      • Carl clayton says:

        Seth is correct. You have deliberately misrepresented Res. 16/18. This is your opinion, not fact. It is true Islamic fundamentalist will not recognize there prejugice or hypocracy. They will try to frame an issue to make themselves look victimized. You are proving Christains will do the same.

      • burkasrugly says:

        Nope, sorry. I got it from several sources…I posted them here in the comments…one from Gatestone and one from the New York Post.

  12. valhalla says:

    I am an Australian and I know what happens in America will eventually happen here,and that’s what worries me,how can any country have two sets of laws -and so different in their outcome and application ,the migrants who- migrate -assimilate and- swear allegiance to abide by that countries laws are welcome ,muslims-followers of Islam -purger themselves when swearing to abide by -our laws , as their only allegiance is to Islam and Sharia ,they have openly stated this here in Australia when asked -on television -which law do you follow ?Australian or the Law of Sharia -they answered -Sharia,Why would any woman want to live under that cruel -male dominating law?denigrating her to- half the value of a man,and being responsible for- his- honour? Hillary Clinton must have a -death wish ,her statements must be with the approval of the President.–”If the Freedom of speech is taken away-then dumb -and -silent ,we may be led to the -slaughter. –George Washington.

  13. coffeeandsleeplessnights says:

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