Surprise! Massacre In Texas Was Islamic Honor Killing

Fellow Infidels,

We felt there was something a little….odd about the Christmas massacre in Texas, but the mainstream media tried to hide it as long as they could.  You have heard of it…the guy in the Santa suit killed 7 people including himself. Well, the details  have now come out, but the media will scramble like crazy and go into contortions in order to blot out the FACT that a Muslim was responsible.  There is a lesson somewhere in this.  One is that Muslims should not  come to America and expect it to be like the Islamic hellhole they just escaped from!  People are free here to be friends with anyone without punishment.  We know that is a novel idea to you, but get over it or get out.

Muslims, you really have a problem with violence.

Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch reports that this family was murdered on Christmas morning all because the Islamic “Santa’s” daughter was dating a non-Muslim man.  Muslims say that Islam is tolerant….if that is so where did this guy get this idea?  Hmm….maybe from the majority of imams that preach hate?  From the textbooks in his country of origin?  We will let you decide.

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