Twin Towers Attack Joyously Commemorated On Muslim Shirts

Fellow Infidels,

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a slap in the face of every American who died in the vicious Muslim attack on 9-11.  It is like a thousand knives in the hearts of the victim’s family members. Absolutely disgusting. Don’t believe for a minute that the “Religion of Peace” and its adherents regret in any way this cowardly terrorist attack. Of course, we will be called “hate mongers” for showing this picture.  Blame the victim.  Blah, blah, blah. Hat tip to Big Fur Hat at iOwntheWorld.

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42 Responses to Twin Towers Attack Joyously Commemorated On Muslim Shirts

  1. ttcoach57 says:

    Muslim who wear that shirt I beat up to inch of life!! That not freedom !! Kicking ass is!!!

  2. Chet13 says:

    Would be NICE if you would verify your BS before posting it for all the world to see. Seems the gentleman wearing this shirt is about as much a MidEasterner as is this born in the Ozarks hillbilly. India is a LONG way from the mid east, and that tee shirt was made right here in the good old U S OF A. Know you love bashing anyone and every one who disagrees with you, so shoot away.

      • Chet13 says:

        Not near as many Muslims as Hindus, and would guess the man in that picture is Hindu rather than Muslim. Had that been taken in Pakistan, most likely he would have been wearing a turban, and yes, he would have been a Muslim. Seems the Muslims are the reason Pakistan exists as a separate state now, as they did NOT like the idea of Hindus telling them what to do by way of the laws of the land of India. Of course, that was about the same time Great Britain was pulling out of India as well.

      • burkasrugly says:

        I knew a girl who was from India…she said that the Muslims demanded welfare for ‘their 4 wives and 50 kids’ as she put it. Can’t say I blame her and her people for being resentful. They wanted the Hindu infidels to pay for their upkeep.

    • Porky Muhammed says:

      Muslims have infested every country in the Middle East, Far East, throughout Africa, Indonesia, and the Phipplipines Einstein. And IF the shirt was made in the USA, chances are an America hating, muslim appeasing liberal designed & marketed it.

    • Marty Smith says:

      It’s not a tee shirt

  3. ishkabibbul says:

    The arrogance of these followers of islam -at least he hasn’t been -murdered as was the cartoonist who drew cartoons of mohammad and many others who have said or done something to -offend -moslems -there lies the difference -we are civilised -we-allow freedom of speech -islam doesn’t and we don;t take someones life because we disagree -they are still living in the days of the pedophile messenger mohammad -can you imagine if we wore a shirt with a cartoon of him on it -we would be -beheaded.

  4. Paedo says:


  5. OrganizedConfusion says:

    I don’t see how this is any different to American companies making money from selling ‘Osama is dead’ shirts. Celebrating murder is wrong no matter how justified you feel it is. As for talking about Muslims seeing everyone who is non-Muslim not being innocent, how is this any different from Christians calling Atheists ‘sinners’ and saying they’ll go to hell.

  6. @burkasrugly:

    You posted ancient video clips from shortly after the Twin Towers collapsed. There were clips of some people jubilant over something. It’s not been established WHAT THEY WERE CELEBRATING. However, if they were in fact celebrating the collapse of the towers, I honestly wouldn’t blame a Palestinian for such. Their land has been invaded by hostiles who are supported by the U.S. government (almost solely).

    At any rate, your reply had nothing to do with my comment. Can you answer the questions I posted in my comment?

    • burkasrugly says:

      First answer a question for me…why do you guys blame non-Muslims for Muslim atrocities? Islam is a violent and brutal totalitarian political system that masquerades as a religion. In the end, you guys will not succeed with forcing your violent, woman-hating system on us. You must be proud of your ‘brothers’ gang-raping women and then stoning them to death to regain their family ‘honor.’ Can’t Muslim men control themselves? No, they have to force these poor women to wear an ugly black cloth coffin that is ridiculous. People will see through your schemes. George Bush foolishly called Islam “The Religion of Peace.” You guys say: “call us violent and we will blow you up to punish you.” Don’t Muslims know this is nonsense and that good people are getting sick of it? Muslims are losing credibility, even with their Useful Idiot appeasers, the liberal progressives. There may be over a billion in your ranks, but hey, the other 4.8 billion are non-Muslims. You guys are OUTNUMBERED. Secondly, you are spouting falsehoods about the Jews invading ‘Palestinian’ lands. Sorry, but the Jews purchased the lands. See excerpt from a book by K.W. Stein and link below:

      Stein contends that Zionists were able to purchase the core of a national territory in Palestine during this period for three reasons: they had the single-mindedness of purpose, as well as the capital, to buy the land; the Arabs, economically impoverished, politically fragmented, and socially atomized, were willing to sell the land; and the British were largely ineffective in regulating land sales and protecting Arab tenants.

      Neither Arab opposition to land sales nor British attempts to regulate them actually limited land acquisition. There were always more Arab offers to sell land than there were Zionist funds. In fact, many sales were made by Arab politicians who publicly opposed Zionism and even led agitation against land acquisition by Jews.

      • It’s obvious that the circle of hate in which you currently reside has numbed your sense of reason. You’re unable to stay on topic, and instead resort to more lies and slanders. What I hope for is that your ilk do not cause global destruction by your warmongering and extremism, the utter filth that emanates from your charred souls. There are REAL issues that REAL humans deal with daily, and more that need to be dealt with. Why not join the human race ?

      • burkasrugly says:

        See, you are proving my point…you issued a veiled threat to try to shut me up. You said, “what I hope for is that your ilk do not cause global destruction by your warmongering and extremism…” This is what radical Muslims do….they threaten in veiled terms. If someone points out the truth about radical Muslim violence, then you do not have the maturity for self-introspection. Quit blaming the rest of the world when your ‘brothers’ are blowing themself and many others up! Who are the extremists? You are projecting your group’s radical behavior onto everyone else. Radical Muslims go ape shit crazy killing, maiming, beheading, amputating, stoning, etc., and then point the finger at others. Incredible. Sorry, but more and more people…including those who used to defend Muslim atrocities like liberal progressives…are waking up.It is the radical Muslim’s own fault they have this reputation, NOT everyone else’s fault for pointing it out. Muslim leaders need to step up and stop this nonsense and quit blaming everyone else for their people’s crimes against humanity.

    • Keith says:

      Bookah Bookah ALAHALAH Is all I hear from your scum bag ass We should imprison and execute every fucking goat fucking pedophile in this country who believes in islam. muhamad was a bastard who raped kids who came up with the name alah after he cummed in the asshole of a goat. I do not support no business owned by a mid easterner.

      • OrganizedConfusion says:

        Your ignorance is outstanding. Allah was a concept long before Muhammad was born. It seems you either want to imprison ‘goat fucking pedophiles’ or you’re assuming everyone who believes in Islam is such a person. Either way you should seek professional help & possibly read a book, get educated. No one here is insulting your religion, why do you feel justified to insult another’s? We’re discussing a shirt, try and stay on subject.

  7. Smart Person says:

    has anyone ever heard of photo shop?

  8. Pop Schlepp says:

    If he isn’t smiling, I’m a jet pilot. If he doesn’t understand the meaning of the picture, someone should tell him before something like this gets posted. If he does understand the meaning of the picture, he should be forced to eat that shirt drenched in pig’s blood just before he is beheaded and buried with the rest of the pig.

    • Patti Horton says:

      I believe that pic is from India and how do you know that it doesnt say in memory on the back?? Only believe half of what you see. This is only to build more hate .. Muslims didnt attack us on 911.. Extremist Muslims did. . So I guess the Americans who wear the t shirts with the same image on are celebrating too Huh??

      • burkasrugly says:

        Lady, there are no “extremist Muslims” and no “moderate Islam.” Moderate is a made up Western word. Here is what Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said about the matter:
        While participating on a Middle East panel of the Academy of Achievement in Chicago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warned against religious definitions of terrorism and specifically objected to the phrases “Islamic terror” and “moderate Islam.”

        Reacting to Congresswoman Jane Harman’s use of ‘moderate Islam’, Erdogan said, “Turkey is not a country where moderate Islam is sovereign. First of all, the ‘moderate Islam’ concept is wrong. The word ‘Islam’ is a simple word — it is only Islam. If you say ‘moderate Islam,’ then an alternative is created, and that is ‘immoderate Islam.’ I cannot accept such a concept as a Muslim. Islam rejects excessivenesses. I am not a radical Muslim. We are Muslims who have found a middle road.”

    • OrganizedConfusion says:

      How is it any different to the Jewish parents who let their children dress up like this?

  9. Maggie says:

    Would be interesting to know -who manufactures these – and where? Who is profiting from them? Hopefully not an American-based manufacturing company with factories abroad.

    • burkasrugly says:

      I would hope that it would not be Americans….but one can never tell with all the traitors that have been coming out of the woodwork lately. Everything is topsy-turvy it seems. Good is bad; and bad is good. We need God! The REAL God, not Allah, the Moon god.

  10. Andi says:

    I bet King Hussein of America has one in his closet at the White House

  11. Sienaa says:

    I bet the wearer doesn’t even know the significance of the print….

  12. Frans Bouman says:

    What makes you think this guy is celebrating? Throughout the region people are so poor that they will wear anything that is given to them for free.

    • What I find more disgusting is the way the photo has been used here. There are NO FACTS in this post. Who is the guy in the picture? What is his religion? where is he? Where did he get the shirt? Why is he wearing it? These are things asked by journalists, scientists, and others who are capable of separating truth from crap. But, when you gather your “facts” from Pam Geller, you should expect no less.

      • burkasrugly says:

        Here ya go, Muslim convert. A YouTube video where ‘Palestinian’ Muslims are celebrating the death of thousands of innocent Americans. But, then, again, one has to listen very carefully to what Muslims say and know the MEANING behind it. ‘Innocent’ to Muslims means ONLY Muslims, not non-Muslims. So, your fellow Muslims did not see these people as innocent.

      • burkasrugly says:

        Apparently, WordPress won’t allow a YouTube link in its replies. Go to YouTube and type in “Palestinians Celebrating 9-11.”

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