Muslim Chops Off Wife’s Fingers For Studying

Fellow Infidels,

It is very hard to keep up with what these monsters do every day.  Surely, not every Muslim is this way.  However, they need to realize that this is THEIR problem, NOT a plot by non-Muslims who are crazed “Islamaphobes.” (This is a made-up word, but that is another blog). The violence against women is a problem that the Muslims MUST address. Pointing fingers at non-Muslims and blaming them is not helping their cause.  We are simply pointing out the facts.  Hopefully, they will be so ashamed of these horrific acts that they will finally change.

Back to the story…this monster, so jealous that his wife wanted to better herself through education, blindfolded her and chopped off her fingers.  They treat their women “like jewels” huh? More like pig dung. May he spend the rest of his life in jail and be completely miserable.  Read the entire story here at the Mail online.

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