Muslim Kidnaps, Rapes 110-year-old Woman

Fellow infidels,
File this one under the “I didn’t think they could sink any lower” file. This vile Islamic monster kidnapped and raped a 110-year-old woman. We wonder if she will now be sentenced to be stoned to death. After all, it is all her fault for bringing “dishonor” onto her family, according to Sharia law. The hussy probably showed the 26-year-old attacker her ankle and he went into sexual meltdown because of this vamp’s loose ways.  He has no responsibility whatsoever for this rape…just ask an imam.

Haven’t we all read how women are treated “like jewels” in Islam?  Poppycock!  These poor women are treated like pig dung.  It would be great if they could live lives as free human beings like the one true God, Jesus Christ intended for them to live.

Read all about it here at Bare Naked Islam.

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