“All-American Muslim” Loses 64 Advertisers

Fellow Infidels,

I wanted to let you know that currently over 60 advertisers have pulled their ads from the Muslim propaganda show “All-American Muslim.”

Can you imagine the frustration of those Muslims who have been taught from conception that because they are Muslims that they are superior to mere infidels?  It must really gall them that they are not getting their way…that infidels, Western Christian infidels at that, have not let them bully their way into American living rooms with their taqiyya-filled television program.

Here is an excerpt of the story that can be found on ColorLines.  It is titled “Group Says Lowe’s Is One of 64 Companies to Pull Ads From ‘All-American Muslim’.”

The conservative Christian group  that’s claiming responsibility for home improvement chain Lowe’s  pulling their ads from the reality show “All American Muslim” says there are 64 other companies that have cancelled their ad buys for the show as a result of their e-mail campaign.

McDonalds, Amazon and Bank of America are among the companies the Florida Family Association (FFA) says they’ve targeted to get their commercials off the reality tv show “All American Muslim.” Lowe’s was the first to make headlines because they’re the only  company to confirm they canceled ad buys as a result of the  conservative group’s campaign.

Give the Florida Family Association a big round of applause.  Keep up the good work.

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2 Responses to “All-American Muslim” Loses 64 Advertisers

  1. Darrell Lynch says:

    I truly love this! It’s about time people began showing these b##**##** where they can stick their lies, and their sick “religion”. There is no place in the American landscape for seventh-century barbarians!

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